lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012


                                                                                "... MI ABUELO ERA UN HOMBRE MUY VALIENTE  
                                          SOLO LE TENÍA MIEDO A            
                                                                                  LOS BOLUDOS. UN DÍA LE PREGUNTÉ: 
                                                                               - ¿POR QUÉ? Y ME DIJO:
                                                                               - PORQUE SON MUCHOS, ¡NO HAY FORMA DE CUBRIR SEMEJANTE FRENTE!  
                                                                                POR TEMPRANO QUE TE LEVANTES, ADONDE VAYAS ¡YA ESTÁ LLENO DE  
                                                                               BOLUDOS! Y SON PELIGROSOS, PORQUE AL SER  MAYORÍA ELIGEN HASTA    
                                                                               EL PRESIDENTE..."

Facundo Cabral

Well, I'm part of the 60% of people who didn't vote last elections, maybe because of lazy, yes, it's true, but because I have serious contradictions in my way to see the politic, too. By one side, I believe in a society where all the people could participate and all the voices should be listened, but, by other side, I think it's difficult to hear all the voices with respect and tolerance and accept the majority's opinions, because today the majority's opinion is easily influenced, and it can be awful, I mean, we (well, not me, but, I'm speaking for Chile haha) chose Sebastian Piñera as President haha, so, you can see how the majority's opinion can be a huge mistake sometimes. Well, sometimes I feel if I vote for another option, who is not the worst option, I will be voting for the "least of the evils" and I don't think it's right, so I prefer to don't vote.
As you can see, I have a lot of contradictions in my way to see the politic, but I think the greatest contradiction I have it's to believe a better world is possible, and, by the other side, to think that anything, whatever I do, can change. I mean, sometimes I think I can make changes working with the people, and strengthening myself and them, and creating a united voice together. But sometimes I feel the system will always find the way to manipulate all the information and defeats us.
Anyway, I still have hopes..

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  1. "the least of the evils" hahahah the cross on our backs.

  2. the world is full of contradictions, the people dont forget

  3. Great words by Facundo! I agree with yours in more ways than one.