lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

My last post.

            Well, I think today I have to talk to you about my experience with this language. I want to start saying I don't like to have to learn English, I mean, I like English, but I don't like to be forced to learn it. I don't agree with that vision which says you must learn English because it's the "Universal Language", that's a lie invented by the "gringos" haha.

            Okay, I have to say I like English classes, well, not always, but I really enjoy the first part of the class, because I can joke in English (well, I try...), and it's okay, because I'm talking in English hahaha, so I think it's a funny way to learn. But  I don't like using the blog, it has been the boring part of classes for me. I hate to sit down in front of the computer and have to write in English about a topic. In fact, there were a lot of times that classes finished and I had a headache… Although that I like some of the topics, like "the movies" or "the books", I don't like to write about it in English.

            When I hear myself speaking in English, I can realize how bad I do it haha. I think I have to improve my vocabulary, but above all, I think I have to improve a lot my pronunciation, when I hear myself in the videos we have had to record, I really feel shame about my pronunciation haha, well, I think the only way to improve this skill is just speaking more.
            The only times I use English outside the classes are when I sing some song in English or when I'm playing some videogames in that language haha, but nowadays I'm a little out of gaming, so I'm learning just in classes.

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