lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

My first guitar =)

This has been one of the most important presents that someone has given to me. If I remember well, my grandmother gave me a little guitar when I was eight or nine years old, I think it wasn't in my birthday, actually, I don't remember the reason.

 It wasn't a normal guitar, it was a "kid size" guitar and it was very useful because the size let me play better and more comfortable (when I say "better", you have to imagine I played horrible in that time haha).

I used that guitar since I got it three or four years ago .There was another guitar in my house, but I loved this one and I liked to play it, so, as you can see, it was really important to me. 

A few years ago, my sister told me she wanted to learn to play guitar, and she wanted to use that guitar, because she has tiny hands and it was very comfortable to her, so I decided (with a lot of pain in my soul and my heart) to lend her my guitar. 

Last year I bought a new guitar, who is my partner now (haha), but sometimes I want to go to my sister's house and bring my tiny guitar back to me, because I know it has to be in some dark place, with not use, and  covered in dust :C .

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  1. Albertiiiiiin! ahahah
    Your guitar couldn't be your partner! jejeje, you're a sentimental person...
    I don't know play guitar but I want to learn some day play Saxo :)

  2. ahahha i always wanted one of those little guitars!

  3. other person that speak about a guitar in the same class and at the same time... I begin to believe that I'm in english for musician.

  4. I've played that guitar, it's very little and (for a strange reason) very comfortable.

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  6. Hi Albertouu, I liked your story, I also love my guitar .. i have it since i was nine years old too and guess what! my big brother gave it to me, i think it's cool you had lended to ur sister =), she will love u for that one day!
    bye bye!