lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

First day

           If I remember well, I felt very strange at the beginning of my first day at university, because I was going to know a lot of people who could become an important part of my life in the future, that is to say now, and because I was going to study something I didn't know very much about, in fact, I decided to study psychology the same day of the applications, so, as you can see, it all was new for me haha.

           I remember that day I met Rocío, in an activity where all the students had to talk with another one, in pairs (and now we are good friends =)  ), and then we had to present our partner to the rest of the group..... that kind of activities that psychologists invent haha.... but it let me know a nice friend.

          I remember the first classes were exiting, because the teachers were presenting to me a lot of interesting new things, but along the time, I have realized that not everything that glitters is gold, but although that, I like what I study.

         When I decided to study psychology I knew that it would't be the only stuff I was going to study, because I really want to learn and study music someday, so I hope I can do it in the future.

4 comentarios:

  1. I think is normal to feel strange at the first day and also I think is very important to know the persons that'll study with you for five years ;)

  2. I hate that kind of activities that psychologists invent to "break the ice”… in my first day I left the room and went to walk.

    Ah! I also love Rocío C:

  3. is very important have friends ... is good that you meet Rocio at the university :D

  4. i remember you! you are the guy who played arjona's song in the guitar! hahahahaha

    now we are very good friends (: