lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

A strange term

        2012 has been an stranger year, because the first term was very different than others. In that term, I had five subjects at the University, one less than other terms, and they represented five areas of psychology: clinical, communitarian, educational, industrial-organizational, and forensic. Well, I have to admit that term was very demotivating because all the areas looked bad haha, but now, this term, I have a better vision of my career and I feel surer about my decision.

         Well, the first term I did not just study, I played guitar, played football, hanged out with friends, enjoyed live music... in fact, I spent more time in that activities than studying haha, no, I'm just kidding, I mean I spent a lot of time in that activities, but obviously not more than studying (sure, obviously...).

          There was a terrible and painful moment in the first term; it was the death of a great person and musician, Luis Alberto Spinetta, one of the fathers of Argentina's Rock. But the first term had some unforgettable moments too.I was in Fito Paez's concert and it was amazing. Also, I was in Charly García's concert, where he reviewed all of his career as a musician, since he started in Sui Generis.

4 comentarios:

  1. I also love going to concerts. You are very lucky Alberto. Charlie and Fito. Wow!

    1. Yes, it was the best moment of my life, it's completely true, I wouldn't lie with something like that, really.

  2. Spinetta change everything, his music is also, literature and poetry.

  3. I believe that it is important to realize, like you, activities beyond the clearly academic thing. For another hand, you are very lucky to see these big artists =)